Tips For Keeping Your Financing Approval Good Through The Entire Home Buying Process

Dated: 01/19/2015

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Once you get that pre-qualification letter,  you are off to the races getting your new home.  Keep these things in mind so you don't get held up with underwriting right at the finish line:


 • Do keep the process moving by responding to your loan officers’ requests for documentation as soon as possible. This will minimize the stresses as closing approaches. 

 • Do continue to make all of your rent or mortgage payments on time. 

 • Do stay current on all existing accounts.  

 • Do be prepared to explain any irregular deposits in your bank account. 

 • Do convey questions or concerns you have as they develop 

 Do Not: 

 • Do Not make any major purchases (appliances, furniture, car, boat, etc.) 

 • Do Not apply for any new credit  • Do Not make any changes to your credit profile 

 • Do Not change bank accounts 

 • Do Not make unusual deposits into your bank accounts or move money from one account to another 

 • Do Not change jobs

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